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‘Cheers to Tagaytay farmers!’: Papa Bolo’s pineapple ale made as a tribute to local farmers


Drinking a cold beer will make you feel good, but Papa Bolo’s Piña Niña pineapple ale will surely make you feel better as they made this as a tribute to their farmers in Tagaytay.

Most of the key ingredients found in their menu and brews are locally sourced to support partner farmers, as their way of empowering the local community.

Papa Bolo was born out of the desire to create a beer that was uniquely Tagaytay, using pineapples harvested by the local farming community.

Made with 100% Tagaytay Pineapples added for a tart finish, Piña Niña has already been loved and enjoyed by many as beers have been central to any celebration for generations.

Aside from supporting local farmers, Papa Bolo desires to foster a sense of community between friends and strangers over exceptionally made beverages.

They also offer a lot of great-tasting beers including Citrus Snap, Cowboy Classic, Barkada Bliss, and more.

For their mains, Papadum Nachos and Wagyu Skewers are definitely a must-try. Their Chicken Wings and New England Chowder are also one for the books on their starters.

So if you’re looking for exceptional beers and appetizing dishes to try with your friends, Papa Bolo is one that you should add to your list.




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