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‘No Longer Just Telco Business’: Globe to Drop ‘Telecom’ Name as it Shifts to Digital Platform

As it transitions to a digital solutions provider, Ayala-owned telco Globe will no longer use the word “Telecom” in its trade name and marketing materials.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe’s chief sustainability officer, said the company has broadened its product offerings beyond the telco industry as a result of the creation and acquisition of a few companies in recent years.

“Since we are a group now and no longer just telco business, we are dropping Telecom when we introduce ourselves. Although at the PSE, it is still Globe Telecom Inc which is the trade name of Globe,” Crisanto said.

The business has already dropped the word “Telecom” from its name on the social media site LinkedIn and is now known as “Globe Group.”

Ernest Cu, the president, and chief executive officer of Globe, said the company is looking at adjacent markets as it continues to develop into a digital solutions group. It presently provides a variety of high-growth businesses in the e-commerce, health tech, finance, and other related fields.

“I think Globe, four or five years or maybe even ten years from now, will be a digital platform. This is very similar to what Google has done, where they used their search as a basis to create new businesses. Or what companies like Grab has done where they used their ride-hailing app to create new businesses. We use telco as the platform to create new businesses,” Cu said.

Aside from GCash, additional portfolio firms under Globe’s corporate development firm 917Ventures include KonsultaMD, a provider of telemedicine services, and HealthNow, a provider of digital and mobile marketing solutions. Additionally, it features the online grocery shopping platform PureGo, the ad tech firm AdSpark, and the loyalty and e-commerce solutions supplier RUSH.

According to Globe, it also keeps expanding its IT solutions and services via the multi-payment platform Electronic Commerce Payments Inc. (ECPay).

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